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Specialty Claims Canada “Specialty Claims” is the in-house claims management department of Specialty Programs Group Canada “SPGC”.

Specialty claims prides itself on managing claims on behalf of the Cansure, Beacon and I3 brands. We handle claims for both our Canadian and London based market partners under a delegated authority.

Specialty Claims is consistently making significant investments in claims management to under-pin a growth strategy aimed at achieving a sustainable brand identity known for quality, responsiveness, and integrity in the Canadian insurance marketplace. This strategy requires that SPGC take responsibility and accountability for the major functions such as claims management via Specialty Claims.

It is the intent of Specialty Claims to provide top-level claims service, to respond quickly to inquiries, and to resolve outstanding claims as soon as practicable. Specialty Claims believes that the investment in a Claims management team and the efficiency of scale, combined with the integration of data, knowledge, and training with the underwriting operations will greatly benefit all stakeholders including our broker partners.

Best Service Provider – Claims 


  • Improved focus on cost containment and oversight of claims management expenses.
  • A focus on underwritten business and physical proximity to the underwriting departments, which has improved the quality of communications internally and externally.
  • Enhanced cross-functional training opportunities, and a more organic and efficient sharing of high quality information between Specialty Claims Canada personnel and underwriters.
  • Higher integration of information systems that allow underwriters to review detailed claims data in real time, improving decision making and stakeholder communications.
  • A consistent claims experience for all stakeholders that contributes toward brand reliability and reputation for Specialty Claims Canada in the Canadian marketplace.
  • Prompt and fair indemnity to insureds on behalf of Underwriters that removes unnecessary delays and improves the insurance experience to create differentiation in the marketplace for Cansure.
  • Governance and Due Diligence procedures that match or exceed underwriters standards for Claims Management.

Report a claim

Prior to reporting a claim, please have the following information ready if available:

  • Policy Number
  • Names, contact phone number for a person familiar with the circumstance of the claim
  • Date, location, and time of loss
  • Brief description of the occurrence

After-Hours Claims

After our regular business hours, please call Coast to Coast Claims:


Status of claim

We want you to stay informed throughout the claims process. To request an update on a previously reported claim, please click on the Claims Status Update button.


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